High Voltage Limiting Fuses

The  high-voltage fuse cartridges shown here are current limiting ones.
They are made  according the following standards: EN60282-1, IEC 282-1, DIN 43.625  and NF-C 64-200.  
Making of the fuse cartridges is made of two different ways, both of them indelibles, which are:

a) By engraving  over one of the metallic caps, we can obtain the following values: rated voltage, rated current and manufacture date.

b) In an adhesive label, over  the insulator, it will be given the following values, using a numerical system and a bar code: trade mark, type, manufacture standards, rated voltage, rated current, minimum breaking current, breaking capacity, cold resistance and  identification information.

Fuses CEI 828-1 DIN 43.625

IB-D1 e IB-D2 f uses are manufactured according to the standards UNE-EN 60282-1, DIN 43.625 and
IEC 282-1 standards.
At the moment, DIN system form dimensions is standardized in many European countries and gives a single 45mm contact diameter  for all ratings.
These low losses fuse are hermetically sealed and can be used in indoor and outdoor conditions and also in SF metal switch-gear; they are supplied for each voltage in two different insulator diameters, depending on the rated current.
They are provided of a tripping device that can withstand a power of 4 daN, in a course of 20mm.